We are located at a holidays resort ideal for quite and relaxing holidays, that combines sea and mountains  We can provide you  accommodation located at this seaside resort ,  car rent all over the island and air tickets for flights to crete !!

Why Crete holidays ? and why with us ?

  • Crete is a very nice big island with a lot of beauties that is worthing to explore it. Even the local Cretan people don't know all the beauties of the island . You will never get bored travelling around the island .

  • Crete is famous also for its healthy food that is based on virgin olive oil

  • Crete has a lot of sight seeings and very known places like Knossos , Lassithi Plateau, Agios Nikolaos , Malia ,Hersonissos, Festos etc.. It is easy if you have a car to visit all these places .

  • Crete holidays with us ? Of course yes because it is almost in the center of Crete very close to the most worth sight seeings

  • Stay at your apartments ? Yes because it is cheap comfortable accommodation , family run , just by the beach .

Crete holiday links:
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