dikteo antro in Lassithi

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Dikteo Andro is found at the village Psychro which. was built in the 15th century Dikteo. Andro is , at a distance of 50M from the village. It is believed that here Zeus was born and that king Minos paid him frequent visits so as to consult his god-father. In.the investigations-excavations that started in 1896 were found: earthenware pots, spondee tables bearing inscriptions ,little idols: in praying position, bronze weapons and tools. the god Rea came for gave birth Jupiter (Zeus), as well as the Jupiter brought here Europe and slept with her, after him it stole from the Phoenicia (ancient mythological country).

According to Hommer, his mother Rea to prevent father Kronos from eating the young succesor to the Olympian Throne hid Zeus in this caves. A niche in the cave walls is known, as Zeus cradle while a curtain of large stalactites is Zeus' mantle. The Cave of Psychro is not only a famous archaeological site, and among the most important in prehistoric Greece, but also one of the most beautiful and impressive of the 3.400 caves on Crete. It is situated on the side of a mountain above the picturesque plateau of Lassithi at a height of 1025 m. west of the village of Psychro.

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