Elounda holidays in crete

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Elounda is probably the most beautifull place in Crete . Holidays there are unforgettable . It is ideal for sailing, the visitor may rent a- wind surfing in the area of Elounda while he may play tennis in the tennis courts of the big hotel units of that area. In order to visit Elounda , we must follow the coastal road of Aghios Nicolaos towards the north where after a trip of 11.5 km we shall meet Ano and Kato Elounda. Here there are a lot of hotel units while in the heights around -- a unique place in Greece -- whetstone is unearthed, from which- are produced whetting instruments. Further¬more, in the same area there are salt marshes from which salt of excellent quality is produced . Elounda is a unique place in Crete ideal for your holidays .

The name. Elounda is pre-hellenic but the ancient city of Olounda was built on the isthmus that unites with the opposite peninsula called Poros and that later 6n is developed as Spinalonga! The isthmus has been submerged and the ruins of the town can be visible in the bottom of the sea in moments of calm. :ln the land, the founda¬tions of a paleo-christian church have been localized, while near the neck of the land there is the "Elounda Beach" Hotel. For holidays at elounda - crete originating from UK For Elounda reisen from Germany

All coasts of the prefecture offer for fishing while from the point of view of hunting there is a lot of game in partridges and hares. In the town there are plenty of restaurants, tavernas, bars, pubs, discos, country places with Cretan Music as well as movies. As we have already mentioned; the development of the isthmus is Spinaloga which for many years had given hospitality to lepers. In 1954 its name was changed to Calydona. Since the ancient times, there was on the island a fortress to protect the town. On the ruins of this building the Venetians, during the period of their dominion, had built an extremely powerful fortress that was equipped with 35 artillery guns. In the last years of Turkish dominion, some Turkish families had refuged to Spinaloga, from fear of reprisals on the part of Christians, and finally abandoned it in 1903. In the same year, by decision of the Cretan state, Spinalonga, the "island of tears' as it was named later on, has been fixed as a place of concentration-sojourn of lepers of the is¬land for over 50 years From Aghios Nicolaos; there are daily itineraries by small tourist boats for a short day trip (and a retrospection in the past of the island) along with swimming by its coasts.

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