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Milatos is a small seaside resort at south east of Crete . It is very close to the most worth sight seeings like Knossos , Lassithi Plateau , Gortyna , agios Nikolaos, Vai and other
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Dikteo Andro is found at the village Psychro which. was built in the 15th century Dikteo. Andro is , at a distance of 50M from the village. It is believed that here Zeus was born and that king Minos paid him frequent visits so as to consult his god-father. In.the investigations-excavations that started in 1896 were found: earthenware pots, spondee tables bearing inscriptions ,little idols: in praying position, bronze weapons and tools. the god Rea came for gave birth Jupiter (Zeus), as well as the Jupiter brought here Europe and slept with her, after him it stole from the Phoenicia (ancient mythological country).

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Elounda is probably the most beautifull place in Crete . Holidays there are unforgettable . It is ideal for sailing, the visitor may rent a- wind surfing in the area of Elounda while he may play tennis in the tennis courts of the big hotel units of that area. In order to visit Elounda , we must follow the coastal road of Aghios Nicolaos towards the north where after a trip of 11.5 km we shall meet Ano and Kato Elounda. Here there are a lot of hotel units while in the heights around -- a unique place in Greece -- whetstone is unearthed, from which- are produced whetting instruments. Further¬more, in the same area there are salt marshes from which salt of excellent quality is produced . Elounda is a unique place in Crete ideal for your holidays .

The name. Elounda is pre-hellenic but the ancient city of Olounda was built on the isthmus that unites with the opposite peninsula called Poros and that later 6n is developed as Spinalonga! The isthmus has been submerged and the ruins of the town can be visible in the bottom of the sea in moments of calm. :ln the land, the founda¬tions of a paleo-christian church have been localized, while near the neck of the land there is the "Elounda Beach" Hotel. For holidays at elounda - crete originating from UK For Elounda reisen from Germany
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The cityof agios Nikolaos disposes an Archeological Museum. It has been operating since 1970 and among its exhibits are also: included archeological things found from the Neoli¬thic up to the Roman period, discovered in various districts of the prefecture.
The visitor to the area may swim in summer south of the town, near the intercity buses' station where'there is a small beach. Also, he may go near Istro where there is the bay "Voulisma" (12 km)
or take the northern direction so as arrive at the Elounda sea shore with the big hotel units At a distance there is another sandy beach called Plaka (15 km) where people are few.
With Aghios Nicolaos as epicenter, the visitors .may visit various locations in the suburbs that present a special interest, such as the platen of Lassithi windmills left, the village Kritsa, famous for its Cretan woven stuff and embroideries, Panaghia i Kera with its unusual architectural style which is com¬posed of three declinations etc.
In case we wish to visit the hinterland of the Mirabello prefecture, we must follow the coastal road of Aghios Nicolaos towards the north where after a trip of 11.5 km we shall meet Ano and Kato Elounda. Here there are a lot of hotel units while in the heights around a unique place in Greece.

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Aghios Nikolaos, today is capital of the prefecture of Lassithi, has been named by some travelers "Venice of the East". Its distance from Iraklion airport is 65 km. The city is being developed on the south west of the Mirambello bay, while in its corner is the salt lake"Voulismeni" or "Vromolimni", the depth of which is undiscovered so far .The most important one is the fascinating salt lake which is connected with the Merambellos bay through a narrow channel. The sea here is superb, the harbour picturesque, and there is a lovely, small lake at the foot of,
the cliffs, next to the sea. The fresh water of the lake wells up from a great depth and the lake has been connected to the sea. There Is a bridge over the narrow channel between the lake and the sea and an evening walk here Is very pleasant; time stops as you sit at one of the little tables outside the cafes.

The area has a mild climate with extremely low humidity with a clear atmosphere. In past years it has become an international . tourist center. Tourist period starts from April, in order to enjoy not only the natural beauties but also the luxurious hotels, the hospitable furnished flats and the hundreds . of restaurants, tavernas; dancing places, parallel to the civilizing demonstrations that take place in summer throughout the prefecture.