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Are you thinking of rent a car On Crete? You can rent a car and drive all around island from east to the west in 5 hours . The Crete highway is often referred to as the “national road” and if you rent car crete you have to follow that road and reach from one end to the other . The drive along the easily cleared two-path national expressway is fine generally. In the Greek Islands, there’s less traffic, but you have to be alert for goats and sheep wandering in the middle of highways, especially on sharp corners, or locals riding donkeys down country roads. But there are some particular perils to beware of. Greeks seem to drive very fast, and tend to drive closely behind other vehicles.Their tailgating isn’t much of an issue if you’re driving a vehicle with automatic transmission, but since those are few and far between on the islands, chances are good that you’ll be driving a standard — so when you’re forced to stop on a steep slope with another car just inches behind, it’s a big challenge to avoid a bumper bump. Continue reading “rent car in crete”

Crete bus

Crete Bus

connection from Milatos – heraklion will be held every Monday – wednesday & saturday for Heraklion
departures 08:20 from Milatos to heraklion and 15:00 from Heraklion to Milatos will be executed by crete bus .
the route to Neapolis will not be changed and remain every thursday 8:00 am from milatos .
Tel . phone number +30-2810 246530

Crete holidays tours

Our suggested Crete holidays tours while staying at our apartments composed by a specialist Crete holidays maker : Because there are so many places to go and many more things to enjoy. From the archaeological findings of the Minoan Knossos Palace and Festos and the Venetian entrenchments of Rethymno. The Byzantine monasteries . The cave that Zeus was born. Chania in the western Crete and Heraklion which is the capital .
Follow these tours and get know the best of touristic and real Crete .
As you go through these tours you will assume that you should have a 7 day minimum stay so that you visit the best of Crete.

7 tours on crete

pick up one of our crete holiday tours you would like to have


crete horse riding

crete horse riding 

belongs to the category of individual family businesses, which operates in the field of alternative tourism, namely the provision of outdoor activities (outdoor horse riding tour).It was founded in 2016 in the Kato Village of Fourni, in the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, the Regional Unity of Lasithi Crete, aiming to offer quality, innovative and entertaining tourist services ofoutdoor activities (outdoor horse riding tour), applying alltheprocedures andstrictly observing the safety rules, for to offerentertaining and memorable experiences to its visitors, renewing and continuously improving the services provided.The company offers individual as well as organized groups following services :the

  1. Organizationof outdoor tours (outdoor horse riding tour), onselected routes of special interest (cultural, folklore), in the wider region.
  1. Outdoor horse riding lesson
  2. Organization of educational visits – excursions (in schools, clubs, companies).
  3. Participation in events (baptisms, weddings).


  1. Distribution directors, et).of horses to professional groups (photographers,

It is a leading company for the wider region, which has established itself in the demanding area of the outdoor activities units, registeringa rising course

since the beginning of its operation, constantlyinvesting in order to fully satisfy the requirements of its ever-growing visitors.


Since its establishment until today, it has been celebrated day by day in the conscience of its old and new visitors, Greeks and abroad, as a reliable company that professionally contributes to the development of alternative and thematic tourism, to the preservation and protection of the natural environment and the emergence of the Mirabello culture.

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fishing crete – Aghios Nikolaos

fishing crete

fishing in crete . take a boat fishing trip with professional fisherman Manolis Koukourakis around Crete starting from agios nikolaos port every morning 6:00 am . don’t miss the real experience of a fishing adventure with the greek way !!   Manolis is a professional fisherman with more than 35+ years experiance as a captain .
He raises up his nets in the gulf of aghios Nikolaos in the bay of Mirabello . go together with an experienced fishing captain along your fishing trip while on crete !!
Ask for prices filling the form below  or direct contact at +30-6977-247271 and order your next real adventure with a breath taking fishing trip fishing in deep water in the gulf of Mirabello .
the boat departure point is here

It usually lasts 3-4 hours . You can also buy fresh fish at very cheap prices right from the boat .
Take a look at the maps to see where the trip will go around !!

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What to See

Coming to Heraklion for the first time, the visitor nowadays may be somewhat surprised by the changes that are taking place in Crete”s capital city; Heraklion is celebrating its rich history and moving onwards to a future full of potential.

Where, at one time, the number of cars in the city centre would have made walking difficult, you will now find large city-centre spaces cleared of traffic. You can enjoy walking in one of the most historically and socially fascinating cities facing the Mediterranean, on streets free from traffic noise and rush. The city has opened up in so many ways, making the city a place of discovery. These changes bring a harmony too; between the traditionally warm, considerate people of Heraklion, and the fine buildings that surround us, the open public spaces and views over the ocean. Many landmarks tell their story about the city and the island that gave birth to gods, to rebellion, and to a place that inspires everyone who feels the spirit of Crete.

Heraklion today is living between the fast moving currents of regeneration and a deep desire to maintain links with a past. Both these strands define its character. In the last hundred years alone, we have seen huge changes, which can be quite easily followed, in buildings and streets that reflect the changing fortunes of Crete. The ‘old town” areas of the city, established from mediaeval times, now offer visitors some fantastic walks in the heart of the city. Continue reading “Heraklion”

The open market of Heraklion

The open market of Pateles

Starting early in the morning until about 2pm, the open market of Pateles is a sight on its own. This is because here you will not only find great stuff to shop, but you will also experience the melting pot of Heraklion society: Gypsies selling clothes and villagers selling their products, classy ladies checking out imitations of expensive brands, and family guys doing their weekly shopping. The fame of Pateles market has reached the tourist industry and it has become common to see passengers of cruise ferries wandering around with maps in their hands. But what can you find in this market? Well, apart from the typical fruit and vegetables (most of which are produced in Crete) you will also find spices, dairy products, olives, herbs and honey in very good prices. So far, so good…until you reach the clothing section! The first thing that will cross your mind is that everything you see is bad quality or fake (and in some cases it is true). However, most clothes you see are last season’s, sold to gypsies by the kilo and many come from popular (and expensive) stores. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you will not see imitations of popular brands, but the experienced eye of regular shoppers (and brand connoisseurs) have learned to tell the difference! If you are lucky, you will find original brands of clothes and shoes at very low prices, as well as other surprises, such as used books for 3 euros. Continue reading “The open market of Heraklion”