Holidays At Corfu Greece

The best known of the Ionian islands is Corfu, last stop of Odyseeus on his long journey home to Ithaca . You can feel the different civilisations that have occupied the island and the natural beauty with which it is so abundantly endowed.
It is a cosmopolitan island, that combines relaxation with good times and nightlife, an international tourist center, which can satisfy the demands of all kinds of visitors .
It’s capital is also called Corfu (Kerkyra). It has an Old Fortress, linked to the town by a moat. All the population of Corfu lived within this acropolis , founded by the Byzantines but expanded by the Venetians.
Different civilisations left different elements to the town of Corfu . Broad streets and spacious squares, the famous Spianada , the town “green”, in contrast with its narrow back alleys paved with blocks of stone ( “Kantounia”), houses with influence from Venetians , the well known Liston, an arcade, picturesqueue Georgian mansions, a Byzantine church, Venetian monuments, etc.
Corfu holidays
Corfu holidays