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Are you thinking of rent a car in Crete? You can rent a car and drive all around island from east to the west in 5 hours . The Crete highway is often referred to as the “national road” and if you rent car crete you have to follow that road and reach from one end to the other . The drive along the easily cleared two-path national expressway is fine generally. In the Greek Islands, there’s less traffic, but you have to be alert for goats and sheep wandering in the middle of highways, especially on sharp corners, or locals riding donkeys down country roads. But there are some particular perils to beware of.  Have in mind that You can rent a car and drive all around island from east to the west in 5 hours . Greeks seem to drive very fast, and tend to drive closely behind other vehicles.Their tailgating isn’t much of an issue if you’re driving a vehicle with automatic transmission, but since those are few and far between on the islands, chances are good that you’ll be driving a standard — so when you’re forced to stop on a steep slope with another car just inches behind, it’s a big challenge to avoid a bumper bump.​

Name Details Photo
Mini  like Chevrolet Matiz , Hyundai Atos Prime

1000-1200 cc
5 doors
Radio C/D

Hyundai Atos car rental crete
Economy  like seat ibiza , nissan micra, renault clio ,citroen c3 , fiat punto , opel corsa

1200-1400 cc
5 doors
Radio C/D

fiat punto car crete
Sport Utility  like suzuki jimny , citroen pluriel cabrio

    • 1300 cc
    • 2 Door

suzuki jimny car hire crete
Mini Van like Fiat Scudo , fiat multipla 


    • 1300 cc
    • Mini Buss
    • 4 Door
    • A/C
    6-7 persons

fiat multipla crete car rental
Compact peugeot 207, renault scenic, nissan note,hyundai matrix ,hyundai Accent automatic


    • 1400 cc
    • A/C
    5 doors

hyundai accent crete hire car

Crete bus

Crete Bus

connection from Milatos – heraklion will be held every Monday – wednesday & saturday for Heraklion
departures 08:20 from Milatos to heraklion and 15:00 from Heraklion to Milatos will be executed by crete bus .
the route to Neapolis will not be changed and remain every thursday 8:00 am from milatos .
Tel . phone number +30-2810 246530

Crete holidays tours

Our suggested Crete holidays tours while staying at our apartments composed by a specialist Crete holidays maker : Because there are so many places to go and many more things to enjoy. From the archaeological findings of the Minoan Knossos Palace and Festos and the Venetian entrenchments of Rethymno. The Byzantine monasteries . The cave that Zeus was born. Chania in the western Crete and Heraklion which is the capital .
Follow these tours and get know the best of touristic and real Crete .
As you go through these tours you will assume that you should have a 7 day minimum stay so that you visit the best of Crete.

7 tours on crete

pick up one of our crete holiday tours you would like to have


not cheap car rental !!!

Cheap car rental ? A Bugatti – the French extravagance auto — isn’t modest to claim.

There are just three models — Veyron, Chiron and Divo — and the costs go from $1.7 million to $3 million. In September, the new Divo hypercar sold out in one day, with the heavy sticker price of $5.8 million. On the off chance that you purchase a Veyron, the minimum costly model, you can hope to pay $20,000 to $25,000 for a yearly oil change.

Surmise that is preposterous? It’s likewise what it would cost you to lease a Veyron for multi day.If you cannot afford it try a cheap one from milatos car rental 

buggatti crete
buggatti crete

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