car rental Heraklion

car rental Heraklion

View of various events in contemporary Heraklion Casements and part of the reference point saw from the northwest side of Koules fortress The southeast side of the port. On the left we see some bit of the venetian shipyard (Neoria) and the salt amassing working, on the benefit the Arsenali Vecchi The Church of St. Titus in Heraklion, 2003 (Vassilis Kozonakis) View of Elefteria Square (Platia Eleftherias) 2003 (Vasilis Kozonakis)


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The point of convergence of Minoan civilisation and capital of Minoan Crete, Knossos, lay 5km south of Heraklion. Knossos flourished for about two thousand years. It had huge regal living arrangement structures, expansive workshop foundations and extravagant shake cut surrender and tholos tombs. As a vital focal point of trade and the economy, Knossos kept up ties with the lion’s offer of urban territories in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Agios Nikolaos is most likely best known as a visitor town that fills in as a center to the twenty or so little towns and ranches that make up that piece of Lassithi. Vacation destinations incorporate the little tidal pond Lake Voulismeni, little shorelines in the town, the modest island Agioi Pantes, the archeological historical center, the neighborhood vegetation show “Iris” and various fairs.

Only a short ship rent car Agios Nikolaos is the island of Spinalonga, an old Venetian stronghold turned ex-outsider province in the start of the twentieth century.

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Tourism is primarily West European with Greek tourism gathered in mid August, however there are a lot of Russian vacationers in East Crete. The tidal pond includes a little stop with a trail, conventional angling pontoons, ducks, pigeons, an amphitheater and numerous cafès.

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The advanced city of Agios Nikolaos turned out to be globally notable amid the 60’s, the point at which it was “found” by acclaimed film executives (Jules Dassin, Walt Disney and so forth.), BBC makers and numerous others. It was then that the fast visitor advancement of the territory began. Among the different creations shot were He Who Must Die, The Moon-Spinners, and the TV arrangement The Lotus Eaters.

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What to See

Coming to Heraklion for the first time, the visitor nowadays may be somewhat surprised by the changes that are taking place in Crete”s capital city; Heraklion is celebrating its rich history and moving onwards to a future full of potential.

Where, at one time, the number of cars in the city centre would have made walking difficult, you will now find large city-centre spaces cleared of traffic. You can enjoy walking in one of the most historically and socially fascinating cities facing the Mediterranean, on streets free from traffic noise and rush. The city has opened up in so many ways, making the city a place of discovery. These changes bring a harmony too; between the traditionally warm, considerate people of Heraklion, and the fine buildings that surround us, the open public spaces and views over the ocean. Many landmarks tell their story about the city and the island that gave birth to gods, to rebellion, and to a place that inspires everyone who feels the spirit of Crete.

Heraklion today is living between the fast moving currents of regeneration and a deep desire to maintain links with a past. Both these strands define its character. In the last hundred years alone, we have seen huge changes, which can be quite easily followed, in buildings and streets that reflect the changing fortunes of Crete. The ‘old town” areas of the city, established from mediaeval times, now offer visitors some fantastic walks in the heart of the city. Continue reading “Heraklion”