Greek Woman from Crete Rents Just a Bed on Airbnb and People Love it ?

With the promising title of ”Summer Bed under the Stars,” a woman from the town of Paleocastro, near Heraklion, aims to attract tourists who wish to experience Crete’s hospitality …without the benefit of a roof. The woman, who rents her bed in the backyard of her property, describes it on *Airbnb* as a beautiful and warm bed ”which is only one hundred meters from the beach, and thirteen kilometers (eight miles) from the city of Heraklion.” Photo by airbnb She also promises that whoever rents her bed will be able to ”dream under thousands of stars of the night sky.” The bed comes with the “luxury” of a shared kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom. However, the property owner charges only €32 per night*.!!!!!!! Airbnb* informs the people who are interested in this ”property,” that the amenities, unfortunately, do not include air-conditioning, television, heating or a fire alarm. Also, if the visitor desires the luxury services of cleaning, he or she will have to pay €41 per night! People have actually stayed at the property already, and taken advantage of her outdoor bed under the stars, with the resulting reviews being quite favorable. One reviewer notes that everything was good, apart from the fact that an avenue was nearby, and the noise was “quite annoying.” Another wrote that he slept there for one night, remarking that ”the garden was marvelous” and the experience unforgettable. In these days of “anything goes” tourism, this canopied bed under the Cretan sky looks like an inviting alternative for adventurous travelers.

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