Spinalonga World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The Greek Culture Ministry has submitted a preliminary nomination file for the inscription of the island of *Spinalonga *, located in the gulf of Elounda , north-eastern Crete , on the *World Heritage List of UNESCO*. Spinalonga island. Photo © Facebook – Greek Islands The World Heritage List includes landmark areas and sites, selected by UNESCO for their historical, scientific, cultural or other form of significance. Spinalonga is currently Crete’s second most popular archaeological site after the Palace of Knossos . Its well-preserved fortification was built in the 16th century by the Venetians for defense purposes. From the early 20th century and until 1957, the island was used as a leper colony. According to an announcement, the ministry will submit Spinalonga’s final nomination file by February 2019, which should also include a management plan for the site.

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crete top Tropical Destination for Solo Travelers

Crete has been incorporated on the rundown of the 12 Best Tropical Destinations for Solo Travelers, which was as of late discharged by the Travel + Leisure (T+L) magazine, one of the world’s most compelling travel brands.

All the more particularly, T+L creator Maya Kachroo-Levine talked with 12 solo voyagers, who particularly searched out tropical goals around the globe.

“Tropical goals offer flawless agendas (and costs) for when you have to escape from the hustle of reality—you simply need to know where to go. Also, picking a tropical goal doesn’t mean you won’t discover must-see milestones; get you a goal that can do both,” she said.

crete food

crete food

Laughter, battles, tattle … Such a large number of things happen around the kitchen table, and eating is the fuel for every last bit of it. I recollect the day I moved into my home in London; the main solicitation to the proprietor was a crete food table that could situate 10 in a generally empty property.

Amid my adolescence in Crete food , I spent most nighttimes in our family fish eatery. Instead of playing find the stowaway with the other youngsters, I’d more often than not be out back peeling a sack of crete food potatoes or gutting fish. By day, I would run around with my blue journal and record every one of the formulas I needed to get ready for my family.

It started with the insight of “the grannies”. In the mid year months, when schools were closed, I would get up in the morning and go down the stairs to thia (auntie) Koula’s home. She generally kicked her sustenance off in the morning. We would sit in the kitchen at her expansive wooden table secured with a plastic tablecloth and fake ribbon and taste on Greek espresso with sweet sesame rolls and plan the day’s cooking.

She cooked the purest nourishment I have ever known. She had creatures, a patio nursery, olive trees, grape vines and she knew all there was to think about wild nourishment in Crete. Everything on her kitchen table was developed by her or made by her hands – I understand now what an extravagance that was.
crete food
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