Rethymnon city

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Location: Rethymnon, Rethymnon

The prefecture of Rethymnon has as capital the town of Rethymnon, which lies 79 km from Heraclion and 58 km from Chania. Today’s Rethymnon, is built upon the ruins of the ancient city of Rithymna, whose name with a small change is retained till nowadays.
And this is why the town unfolds in front of you under two faces, the one of the old and the other of the new town.
In the prefecture of Rethymnon, there are lots and beautiful beaches, archeological places, museums, churches and monasteries, gorges and caverns; including the famous cavern of Ideon Andron.
Travelling is performed through beautiful, small or big, full of green villages. If one doesn’t have his own transportation, he could use the buses from the central bus station of short or long distance buses (K.T.E.L.) Transportation is performed through an old road network, or through the highway. Artistic exhibits and traditional festivals are being organized in towns and certain villages.
These are open to everybody. Rethymnon is the home of a great representative of Cretan literature, namely of Hortatzis George. He was one of the firsts to bring to Crete the poetic and theatrical influence of the Renaissance.Modern ferries perform connection with Piraeus and with some other islands. Rethymnon doesn’t have its own airport.
The Chania and Heraklion international airports service it. Olympic airlines, the Greek flag carrier airline, provides bus transport between these airports and Rethymnon.


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