crete food : If you want to live forever, eat like a Greek

Crete is one the Greek islands that has really held its own for a long time. Living on an island means it has developed its own very regional style of food and it’s heavily reliant on what grows around and in front of you. Far from chunky blocks of hard fetta tossed with Kalamata olives and a bit of iceberg or even lamb on the spit. Elegant in its simplicity, it’s about showcasing the beauty of a vegetable-driven menu that makes you feel as good the next day as you do when you’re eating it. “We [Greeks] don’t eat lamb every day! We honour it by eating it maybe twice a year whole, the day to day is very different. If you want to feel good, eat like a Cretan. It’s fresh, healthy, a lot like what Vietnamese food is in the scheme of Asian cuisines.” Relationships with family are so important if you’re Greek, and it makes you see things a certain way. Jarad has a respect for the cuisine, his understanding and concern for keeping things pure, is key,” she reasons.

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